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Nagra HD DAC

Posted by on 6-18-14

Nagra JAZZ

Posted by on 1-12-14

Nagra Seven

Posted by on 1-1-00


Posted by on 1-22-14

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  • Prise de son musique. Suisse Romande. Nagra Seven... Notre site en ligne. Meilleures salutations, DCLR.

    recording enregistrement Classique

    April 07

  • Our Nagra-Seven at Classiques de Villars 2015. CD to come... Ça sonne ! Paul Sissener, DCLR Records Switzerland.

    March 23

  • New article in My Hi-Fi Life from David McCallum

    Nagra’s new Classic and HD amplifiers By David McCallum on February 22, 2015 in Amplificaton, Uncategorized It’s been a while since my last post. A house move coupled with an extremely busy work schedule have pushed Hi-Fi to the side for the past few months. However I have tried to monitor industry…

    March 03

  • CES: Great feedback from "Stereophile" “You already know about the sound. Allied with the superb Alexias, it was tremendous.” by Jason Victor Serinus

    February 05

  • CES: Great feedback from "the absolute sound" by Robert Harley


    February 05

  • CES: Great feedback from Enjoy the Music, by Steven R. Rochlin

    February 05

  • CES: Great feedback from all around the world! Computer audiophile “One of the best sounding rooms I stumbled into during the entire show was that of Nagra. The Swiss manufacture demonstrated prototype amplifiers that were part of a system featuring the HD DAC and a MacBook Air. The sound was delicate and stayed in my mind throughout the entire four days of CES.” CES 2015 is in the can and I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed that I didn’t make it to nearly as many rooms as I wanted to and I didn’t spend enough time in the rooms I visited. Without an editorial staff it’s impossible to do this sh…

    February 05

  • CES: Great feedback from HXOS in Greece!

    news audio video media technology smartphone television

    February 05

  • CES: Great feedback from HIFICLUBE in Portugal!

    JVH continua a sua viagem virtual pelos corredores do Venetian e Mirage com fotos e videos dos nossos

    February 05

  • CES: Great feedback from Phile-Web, Japan by Mana Chikui!


    February 05

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