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Nagra Seven

Posted by on 1-1-00

Nagra HD DAC

Posted by on 6-18-14

Nagra JAZZ

Posted by on 1-12-14


Posted by on 1-22-14

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  • NAGRA Audio est maintenant à l'IBC / NAGRA Audio is now at the IBC

    September 13

  • The family gathered around/on the dining table. Brought home from Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia (a SLO, not shown) and Mali. Quite a lot of film and radio history here...

    September 12

  • Now @NAGRAAudio has a new web site / @NAGRAAudio a maintenant un nouveau site internet

    Recorded moments that never die...

    September 10

  • Un bon repas pour remercier toute l'équipe d'Audio Technology Switzerland pour le lancement de la version complète du NAGRA Seven / A nice meal to thank the whole team of Audio Technology Switzerland for the launch of the full fledged version of the NAGRA Seven, Time Code - ISDN - Wifi&3G / Editor and compressions... Encore merci à tous.

    September 05

  • My Nagra system

    September 05

  • Hi Jean-Pscal... it's SUPER like;-))) on Nagra Audio! Best, Stefano.

    September 05

  • Retweeted Larry Ogden (@TheAudioWorks): Why the @NAGRAAudio HD DAC is a high end bargain. Because it's analogue volume control is marvellous! If you're digital - no preamp reqd

    September 04

  • Retweeted Larry Ogden (@TheAudioWorks): An amp with big meters marks the re-launch of Technics HiFi. The end of pointless minimilism? Accuphase & @NAGRAAudio are ahead of the curve

    September 04

  • Nice article from the 695 Quarterly on the NAGRA Seven.

    I A T S E L O C A L 6 9 5 The finest Technicians in Production Audio, Video and Studio Projection for Motion Pictures, Television, Music, Commercials and Sports

    September 04

  • High End 2014: Verity and Nagra, a blend of innovation and classics: via @AudioGrab

    By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis Verity Audio has reason to celebrate, their iconic speaker Parsifal recently reached 25 years and a new, improved version is on display. The “anniversary” edition featur...

    September 04

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